Mortara ELI150rx ECG/EKG Machine w/Interpretation... Inventory Clearance!

Mortara ELI150rx ECG/EKG Machine w/Interpretation...Clearance!

Completely Tested, Great Condition

Bargain Price for a Short Period! Take Advantage Now!

Nice Small Footprint EKG

Brand New Patient Cable & Power Cord Included

User Guide / Service Manual PDF sent via email

60 Day Replacement Warranty

Uses Smaller, Compact EKG Paper

Units are Shipped with Paper Loaded

Questions Always Answered

The ELI 150rx is a 12-lead diagnostic electrocardiograph capable of acquiring, viewing,
transmitting, printing, and storing ECG data in a Small Format Footprint. The device IS equipped with
Mortara Instrument’s VERITAS™ resting ECG interpretation algorithm with age
and gender specific criteria. If this option is enabled the VERITAS algorithm can
provide an over-reading physician with a silent second opinion through diagnostic
statements output on the ECG report.

What is not included, also Known as Consumables: Electrodes, Paper(All units will come with some paper loaded in Unit), Patient Cable Attachments such as Multi-Clips, Snaps, Alligator Clamps (due to the how popular each is with different users preferences )(cable has standard AMA 4mm Banana Connectors, 

Mortara ELI150rx ECG/EKG Machine w/Interpretation... Inventory Clearance!