Ibanez RG350EXZ Black Electric Guitar

Ibanez RG350EXZ Black Electric Guitar

Condition: Used, Very Good Condition
No problem in use.

It adopts 3 piece · maple · neck.

A bolt-on-joint system of a neck-heel shape that enables high-position fingering to be performed smoothly.

The pickup is equipped with the original humbucker - and single.

There are scratches on the body, feeling of use such as dents, and dullness in metal parts.

Although there are signs that the neck is somewhat buckled, 
it is set up after arrival so you can play with confidence.

[Neck Condition]: Slightly warped
?Truss rod?: There is a margin in tightening / loosening direction
?Fret remaining?: 70% ~ 80%
[Manufacturing year]: Made in 2011
?Country of origin?: Indonesia
[Case]: Soft case / genuine
[Accessory]: Arm, wrench

Serial number: I 110905687
Weight: 3.73 kg

Ibanez RG350EXZ Black Electric Guitar