FERNANDES FSG-120W Made in Japan EDS-1275 Type Double Neck Guitar

Condition: Used, Very Good conditon
No problem in use.

Made in 2016,
Sense of use less, performance is good!

Japan made copy model of Gibson EDS - 1275,
Fernandes FSG-120 W,
Production seems to be around 1980.

· As you can see in the picture, the painted area has almost no fatal scratches such as paint chipping and big cracks.

Although it seems that there are feeling of use such as small scratches, scratch marks, small dent marks when looking closely, 
I think whether it can be said that it is a good condition when considering that it is nearly 40 years old manufacturing.

· There is a scratch remaining on the pick guard.

· The toggle switch (PU selector) located at the position where the 6th string 
and the 12th string are sandwiched between the 6th string and the 12th string has been renewed before exhibition because there was a malfunction.

PU and other electric sections are still original.

- Replace one octave screw of the bridge on the 12th string side (see image).

Of course, octave adjustment can be done without problem
(Use a Phillips screwdriver, other octave screws are a flathead screwdriver).

· Plain chords around the middle position on the 6th string neck side of the fret wear relatively,
Although relatively high position side is somewhat higher,
With rubbing in the past, there is little dent on the frets and the feeling of playing is reasonable.

The string height is set to about 1.5 mm with 1st string 12 frets,

There is a slight clog in the 1st string low position in this state.

I think whether you can use it as it is without being distracted by distorted sound,
If you want to set a lower string height or if you want to improve the accuracy of the whole, 
I think whether you can consider fret rubbing and fret exchange.

The final frets are 20 frets the same as Gibson.

The fingerboard is rosewood.

- Although the fret of the 12 string side neck seems to have been being treated, 
there is a little dent in the low position on the plain string side

The chord height is set to 1.6 mm for 1st string 12 frets and 2.1 mm for 6 string side.

Since the neck of this side is thought that chord playing etc will be many more, 
it set it just a little higher than the 6 string side.

· Corrosion is seen on the plating surface of pegs and bridges, but the operation is good.

· The hexagonal nut of the 6 string peg on the 6-string neck side has been exchanged.

This nut is rotated with a 10 mm wrench, but the others (9 mm wrench are used for (original)). 
Of course the operation of the peg itself is OK.

· Fernandes' Gibson copy model is famous for its brand logo "Burny".

Although this machine is also introduced by the Burny logo from the catalog of 80 years, 
this machine is a "stone logo".

So is not it manufacturing before the beginning of 80?

· There are repair marks on the neck broken cracks of the 12 string side neck.

Although probably cracked when bumping the head of 12 strings somewhere, 
it was thought that we handled with repair shop only by adhesion because it was a mild one that did not break or fragments scattering , 
I can understand the mark of the crack now.

There is no problem at all in terms of strength at present.

Both necks can afford the truss rod.