CONTEC8000S Stress ECG Systems,wireless workstation EKG Analysis software record

CONTEC8000S Stress ECG Systems,wireless workstation EKG Analysis software record


1. Print ECG waveform in real-time during sampling process, record and save ECG data of whole process.
2. Observation of the changes of ST segment in real-time, enlargement display of user selected lead, automatic calculation of ST related data.
3. Adopt anti-interference technology to ensure the stabilization of baseline, reduce the effect on ECG waveform from EMG interference, baseline drift and AC interference.
4. Available for both standard and user-defined exercise scheme, automatic instantaneous notice of print and BP measure can be set according to exercise phrase.
5. Operator can mark events during exercise, the ECG waveform of marked event can be compared with current waveform. The event can be observed, edited and printed after excise.
6. Display and print of all kinds of trend chart. Mainly including: HR, BP, METS, HR*BP, exercise trend, ST segment level/influence/slope/3D/J level and ST/HR, etc.
7. Dynamic/static review function after exercise, representation of the whole exercise testing process. 
8. Case Import/Export function. Compress the case for storage, which takes up less disk space. The compressed case shall be associated with the file type in operation system. This will make the import operation much more simple and quick.
9. System setting function includes multiple setting items. For example, switching Chinese/English language, format and mode of displaying waveform (12 leads * 1column / 6leads * 1column / 6leads * 2columns / 3leads * 2columns / 3 leads * 1column, etc), color of background, print related setting, filter setting and displaying of optional parameters, etc.
10. Provide multiple functional tools, which are used for device management, cases statistics and other operations.
11. Wireless mode of ECG data sampling, improves the anti-interference capability.
12. Supportive for variety types of exercise equipment


Patient leak current: <10µA
Input impedance: ?50M?
Frequency response: 0.05Hz?150Hz (-3dB~+0.4dB)
Time constant: ?3.2s
Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR):?60dB, ?100dB (filter on)
Calibration voltage: 1mV
Sampling frequency: max. 1000 Hz
Sampling accuracy: max. 24bits
Input loop current: ?50nA
Polarization resistance voltage: ±500mV
Noise level: ?15µVp-p
Safety type: internally powered equipment, type BF


  • Wireless network card 1pc
  • Lead cables 1pc
  • Electrodes 1pc
  • Grounding wire 1pc
  • Velcro 2pcs
  • Serial-port cable 1pc
  • CD 1pc
  • Software dog 1pc
  • Serial-port card 1pc
  • Physical Characteristic
  • Dimension: 94mm(L) *66mm(W)*31mm(H)
  • Weight: about 94.6g (without battery)

CONTEC8000S Stress ECG Systems,wireless workstation EKG Analysis software record